Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

  • 由 Alun Jones

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift?  Check out this year's hottest gift ideas below.

1. Airplay Floating Speaker (HK$988)

The mother of all gifts, if you really want to impress someone then this is the gift for you.  Its premium design and amazing sound quality is second to none, oh and did we mention this speaker actually floats in the air like magic! 

2. Eye Lamp (HK$488)

Talking about impressive products, why not try our new Eye Protection Lamp, one of the nicest desk lamps you will ever see.  It's ultra modern sleek finish is top of the range and its lightweight foldable design is barely 1cm thick!   



3. Bluetooth Earbuds with Swarovski Crystals (HK$179)

Who needs earrings when you can wear DOMA's Bluetooth earbuds equipped with Genuine Swarovski Crystals that sparkle and play music at the same time!

4. Gym Watch (HK$299)

The perfect gift for all fitness lovers, the DOMA Gym Watch is fun, fresh and functional with 5 colour flap bands and a deluxe gift package.  Now you can track all your steps, calories and sleep patterns with ease! 


5. Sound Bunny (HK$188)

Cute, colourful and convenient, the DOMA Sound Bunny instantly stands out from all the other boring speakers.  Link it to your Smartphone and take it with you everywhere.

6. Hong Kong Taxi Power Bank (HK$199)

Who said charging your phone could be no fun?  Try out our range of HK Icon power banks including our signature Hong Kong Taxi that makes an excellent souvenir as well.

7. Bluetooth Headphones (HK$250)

Slick and Stylish, these classic DOMA Bluetooth headphones are now upgraded with a premium finish and an audio jack for added flexibility. 


8. Power Warmer 2 (HK$159)

What is the one thing better then being able to charge your phone just when you need to?  How about charging your phone and keeping your hands warm at the same time! 



9. FM Sound Tube (HK$250)

Looking for a speaker that has it all?  Bluetooth. Check.  FM Radio. Check. USB Port. Check. Card Reader. Check.  Audio Jack. Check. Call Answer Function. Check.  A Kick Ass Dancing Colour Light. Check Mate!   

10. Aroma Touch Lamp (HK$168)

No gift list would be complete without our signature Aroma Touch Lamp, a Christmas favourite and an ideal addition to any home.


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