Smart Backpack with Hidden Zippers

By DOMA Lifestyle

HK$250.00 HK$399.00

    Keep all your valuables safe with this new multi functional Smart Backpack.  The hidden pockets are on the back side of the bag so instead of the zipper being exposed, it is securely hidden close to your body making it impossible to open when you are wearing it on your back!

    This amazing bag also has an external USB charging hole as well as many useful pockets for your laptop, iPad, smartphone and camera.  There is even a small pocket in the front straps for your cards and a charging hole to charge your smartphone easily.

    Made from a cushioned foam, protected with waterproof and cut proof nylon fabric, this one of a kind bag is ideal for all travellers, students and anyone looking for total security when leaving the house.  

    Main Features:

    • Hidden Inside Zippers for Total Security
    • Laptop, iPad, Camera and Smartphone Pocket
    • USB Port for Smartphone Charger
    • Water Resistant and Cut Proof Design
    • Comfortable Straps with Front Card Pocket
    • Material : Cushioned Foam and Nylon
    • Size: 26 x 43 x 11cm


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