Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

1. Mini Animal Speaker (HK$188)

The hottest gift this Christmas, they may be mini in size but there is nothing mini about the sound!  Make sure you pick up one of these cute animal speakers before they are all gone! 

2. Dancin' Speaki (HK$100)

Anything better then a cute speaker?  What about a cute speaker that dances along with the music!  Simply link your phone and watch him get groovy.  Special Offer only $100 this month!

3. Biziboy USB (HK$99)

Our signature Biziboy is back with a new limited edition and super cute Christmas Boy design, how can you resist?


4. Magic Mic (HK$159)

For all karaoke lovers, this magic mic comes with special features to really make you feel like you are singing in a recording studio!


5. Fidget Spinner (HK$50)

This year's hottest trend is sure to be a popular gift for all kids and teenagers.  Choose from many interesting designs including special Christmas edition designs made with a high quality metallic finish and packaged in a deluxe gift box.


6. Power Bear (HK$159)

He may just look like a doll, but this just maybe the only teddy bear in Hong Kong that can actually charge your phone!


7. Ladybug Backpack (HK$150)

Why not let your kids start the new year with a new unique schoolbag that is sure to make their friends jealous. 

8. Emoji Plush (HK$25)

Check out our large range of funny emojis including mini keychains, bag clips with matching sound, pillows, mini purses, slippers, stationery sets, shoulder bags and more.  New Christmas range includes a Rudolph Reindeer and Christmas Tree Poop!

9. Selfie Set (HK$120)

The perfect gift for any girl that is addicted to Facebook and Instagram.  This set gives them everything they need to take the perfect selfie including the stick, multiple lenses and even a selfie light for night shots. 

10. 3D Colour / Colouring Book (HK$65)

Educational and fun, these special books use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to make the animals to jump out of the book and come to life on your phone screen!



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