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Fidget Spinners - The Hottest Product This Year!

Stressed out and always need to keep your hands busy?  Check out DOMA's new range of high quality Fidget Hand Spinners, this year's hottest must have gadget!    Made with a strong and durable zinc alloy design, the DOMA Fidget Spinner comes in 6 unique shapes including the HK Flower Design, Dollar Sign, Wheel, 6 Point Star and 7 points Lotus, as well as the traditional UFO 3 point design.    

These high performance spinners allow for extra long 3 to 4 minute spins and they glide effortlessly in your hands for added stress relief and relaxation.  Great for improving focus and reducing anxiety and stress, these amazing spinners can even help you to quit smoking and biting your nails.  Originally developed for children with ADD, ADHD, OCD and other conditions, now the spinners are used by all types of children and adults of all ages.  You can also use the spinners to play a variety of games and tricks which can be found all over the internet and Youtube.

Available now on our DOMA website, you can purchase them for the special online price of HK$40 or $200 for the whole set of 6!   




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